Bed and blog vs. the home office

Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger polled his readership on the question: Where is your favorite place to blog?

I clicked on "Home office." That covers 99% of the content on any of my blogs.

When I started full-time blogging and such, I thought I'd do a lot of off-site posting, to hold off cabin fever. Like those guys you see hogging the tables at Starbucks.

Bought a laptop PC. Would have preferred a Mac laptop, but they were too pricey and I needed a PC for various reasons -- such as checking site changes on different systems. My son and I decided on a Sony VAIO, which has worked OK even with Vista. Not that I ask much of the machine.

The heavy lifting is done on my home office's Mac Pro, with the dual=core Intel Xeon chip. Great machine. I wouldn't be without a Mac. Windows always feels cheap and nasty to me (disclaimer: I own AAPL stock).

The reality is, I multitask like crazy. It's hard to get away from my room full of stuff and be effective. My writing is task-specific and a bit mercenary, so I'm not really into a coffeehouse vibe while writing. Unfortunately. Tunnel vision works out well for most writers.

Anyway, you can see the pie chart with results of the ProBlogger poll, based on 1,400-some responses. No. 1 was "home office," with 51%. The No. 2 answer was "in bed," which would be the last place you'd find me blogging.

This led to Darren's cool link-bait head: 14% of Bloggers Prefer to Do It in Bed. (That's why he's the pro blogger.) 51% of Bloggers Do It in Home Offices didn't have the same ring, he explained.

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