3 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts from Dentists

For dentists interested in improving their online branding and presence, guest blogging can be an excellent way to prove to your potential audience – and even those outside your demographic – that you know what you’re doing.

Guest blogging for dentist offices is difficult because it often requires the dentist to provide technical information about the profession, but for those that have the time, it can be an excellent way to supplement their digital marketing strategies.

Blogging opportunities for dentists exist all over, from general dentistry news sites and blogs to region- or city-specific business websites. Those in specialized areas can explore even more blogging opportunities; for example, a pediatric dentist may discover he or she can write for a parenting magazine-style website by providing safety and health tips.

If you’re a dentist or a marketing professional working for a dental office, here are three blogs that accept guest posts from dental professionals. Each site has its own submission information and standards, so check each site individually to see if it’s a match for you.

Site #1: DentalBlogGuest.com

This is the self-proclaimed #1 dental guest blogging site online, and it allows its members to submit guest blogs and also view submitted posts. The benefits touted by the site include increased traffic and links online, but the best use of the site would be to expand your brand and offer valuable content to those seeking it.

No matter what your profession, dentists included, the point of blogging on your site or on others is to provide your audience with valuable content and information that they can use to make decisions. For dentists, this could be providing information on various services, including the risks associated with those procedures.

To learn more about DentalBlogGuest.com, visit their site and watch the intro video on their homepage.

Site #2: Dentistry IQ

Dentistry IQ is part of the RDH under one roof network, and offers content on many areas of dentistry. There are marketing, professional, technical and career tips, as well as advertising opportunities.

This site breaks down information for dentists, hygienists, office managers, assistants and industry professionals, so there’s a little something for everyone. They also offer clinical and practice management content for those interested in that side of the business.

Visit DentistryIQ.com to learn more about their submission guidelines.

Site #3: The Dental Geek

This dental blog claim to be different than your average dentistry blog. It was launched about six years ago and has since become a popular online platform for dental content and community members.

The site is led by four professionals who manage the content, marketing, design, photography and direction of the site, and they actively seek guest bloggers to add content.

The application to become a Guest Geek is available here, and requires you to be a professional in the dental industry in order to be considered.

Finding Blogging Opportunities for Your Practice

If these sites don’t fit your marketing needs, it may be a good idea to start closer to home. See if any local parenting blogs or business websites need content that might be useful to other local dentists or business professionals.

Decide what market or audience you want to appeal to and find sites geared toward those groups. By breaking down your guest blog search into specific market groups, you’ll have an easier time crafting article pitches that make sense for you, your audience and your potential blogging platforms.

5 Legal Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Lawyers, legal marketers and other bloggers have plenty of options when it comes to finding guest blog opportunities.

While the writing standards for legal sites are often higher than other sites because of the expertise required, you can get in with original, unique pitches based on content that hasn’t been covered extensively online.

  1. IPWatchdog.com

IPWatchdog was started by patent attorney Gene Quinn, and has since become one of the leading IP websites in the world. They accept guest posts, and claim to have published hundreds of them since the site went live.

IPWatchdog has tremendous potential for legal bloggers: the site’s Alexa ranking is below 100,000 (78,629 as of July 21, 2015) and it’s consistently rated one of the best legal blogs online. To learn more about what kind of content IPWatchdog considers, click the guidelines link below.

Read more: IPWatchdog’s guidelines for articles

  1. LawMarketing.com

LawMarketing was founded by Larry Bodine nearly 20 years ago. Today, it’s one of the best resources for legal marketing information and resources. The Editor-in-Chief, Cindy Greenway, has helped LawMarketing become a go-to resources for many legal marketers, attorneys and the like.

The site’s Alexa ranking as of July 2015 was 620,932, and they accept legal marketing contributions that meet their guidelines. In addition, all articles are posted on the site’s social media profiles, providing great exposure opportunities for bloggers and legal professionals.

Read more: Become a contributor at LawMarketing.com

  1. Lawyerist.com

Sam Glover started Lawyerist in 2007, and now it’s one of today’s largest and most trafficked legal sites. They cover everything from practice management to starting a law firm, IT for legal professionals, marketing and other lawyering skills.

They pay $100 per post, but they only take the cream of the crop. They “strive to publish unique, compelling content.”

“A good way to figure out what kind of pitches we want is to actually read the articles on Lawyerist,” says their contribution page. “Just reading the most recent articles should give you a pretty good idea of the sort of thing we are looking for.”

Read more: Write for Lawyerist

  1. Your local SCORE blog

SCORE is a nonprofit association “dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground.” They have more than 320 chapters across the country, so there’s a good chance there’s a SCORE chapter in your area that needs business and legal content.

In many  cases, the business owners and entrepreneurs that visit the SCORE blogs are looking for specific information from professionals, so there’s a good chance your legal expertise can be used here. Although each SCORE blog is different, getting in touch with the admins of the blogs in your area can give you a better idea of what they’re looking for.

“When I queried the greater Phoenix SCORE blog, I had a few ideas in mind,” said Phoenix patent attorney Steven Laureanti. “The site admins got back to me quickly, however, and said that they were actually looking for content in different but related topics, so I went that direction.”

Because the SCORE blogs cover so much information, there’s likely to be something you can provide useful content on.

Read more: find your local SCORE chapter

  1. Business of Law Blog

Lexis Nexis is one of the biggest names in the legal industry, and their Business of Law Blog is an informative and regularly updated platform. They occasionally accept outside contributions, and their content covers topics like business law and litigation.

Read more: Contribute blog post to Business of Law

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